Worker Accommodation

OurMother Nature has enforced upon us a penalty.Ever since we came into existence, we have been actively depleting it. That is why the termslikegreenconstruction,eco-friendlyhouse,andnaturefriendlylifestyleareverymuchinpracticethesedays. Whereas in the current situation,we see a large hole in the ozone layer, which is rising the earth’s temperature on a serious basis. Now people are geting awared. They realise the change in our atmosphere andhave started looking for the replacement options for the lifestyle that theywere living till now. Now, we have become wise and realised te true worth of our Mother Nature, i.e we can not survive without it at any point. Now whatever we receive from nature is precious for us and we are busy in itsconservation.

Now, the wisest and healthiestinitiative would be the one to adopt the option of low cost house models. They and the people living in them have become role models for the people whogive various critical judgements for this concept. In reality, this concept is immensely popular and in some years from now, itwill become an indispensable thing.As the nature is experiencing constant depletion till now and not all of us have got the realisation and smartness that it’s high time to save our nature. Otherwise, we will loose the base of our existence. Creation of these low cost house models is extremely easy. That is why it has been acquiring so much fame and acceptance across the world. The same progress of this conceptis there in Indiathat the low cost housing model is at its top height. In different states, theirgovernments are constantly acquiring land from J.J colonies and slum area and constructing low cost houses. For this, they bring into use, the following techniques.

PLOT – The plot is the first thing that the construction engineers consider and also get a blue print of the design in their minds. The various geographical features andmanyother natural and unnatural parameters are carefully analyzed which can disturb the existence of a building. They seldom use land by clearing a forest or any other natural resource. Furthermore, it is duly ensured that no sort of harm is done to the natural beauty or the natural resources of the near by areas. High expert environmentalists and engineers are being hired to sort out the things and to ensure that the constructio begins at the earliest without affecting the natue. The safety of the natural resources of water like natural wells, ponds, streams, etc is also ensured. Thus, while constructing these houses, the main aim is to give the best construction without affecting the nature.

In the sphere ofnature preservation, it is ensured by selecting low cost paint that has low carbon content. These experts install water treatment plants to save water and even recycle the waste generated by us in our homes in highly advanced wastage treatment plants.Our environmental lists foster people for using natural ways of living their lives. They also promote to have greenery around their homes, because greenery keeps the environment pollution free and prevents soil erosion too.