Ambala Warehouse

Warehousing is an essential industrial, agricultural as well as commercial endeavor which holds unrivaled significance in helping maintain optimum process efficiency, task streamlining, inventory storage as well as product safety.
Although warehouse functionalities and internal layouts have remained unchanged since many decades, the approach to design and develop the same have evolved significantly in order to streamline the overall process and make possible better quality and performance features which result in ideal task execution.

Modernized PEB construction approach to streamline industrial, commercial and agricultural activities:

As a revitalized structural development approach, PEB warehouse structure construction helps surpass traditional anomalies as well as limitations while helping target enhanced production control features. Warehouse infrastructure is integral to the optimum functioning of storage and supply chain sectors. This infrastructure proves critical and imperative for optimum storage, maintenance as well as distribution of inventory.

Designed and developed through an in-house industry-styled standardized off-site approach, pre-engineered warehouse buildings maintain better build quality consistency all across and support the development of net-zero emission sustainable construction solutions. With the core steel framed structures encased in highly insulating and rigid composite insulation panels, these heavy load-bearing structures accommodate design flexibility to be able to implement diverse functionalities.

Modern PEB warehouses also come with pre-fitting for cranes or storage bays. As opposed to traditional brick-and-mortar or concrete warehouses, these metal building alternatives help reduce overall construction costs and times by up to 45%. EPACK Prefab as a top PEB warehouse construction company in India follows the latest 3D modelling program technologies and quality control standards to fulfil strict regulatory compliance standards while achieving maximum building strength.

PEB warehouses come in larger clear spans and being modular in nature, an easy expansion of the entire structure is made possible with standard section addition. These enclosures manufactured from steel frames are portable, recyclable and reusable. PEB warehouse buildings feature thermal insulation envelopes in the form of PUF panel sheets which result in greater energy savings and thus prove to be better than conventional alternatives.

Inherent quality and performance features resulting in peak performance and sustainability advantages
EPACK Prefab as a top PEB warehouse manufacturer in India helps minimize construction risks as well as costs while targeting unrivalled quality and safety standards. With better automation intervention and an epitome of quality inspection standards in practice, these PEB structures are capable of serving a diverse array of end user needs across myriad sectors.

As industrial, agricultural and commercial warehousing needs are endless, a rapid development approach for the same is essential in order to sustain the rising demands. By following alternative pre-engineered construction of warehouse buildings as enabled by EPACK Prefab, the urgency in implementation of the same can be achieved without sacrificing the inherent quality, safety, sustainability and longevity standards.

Salient Feature of Pre-Engineered Warehouse Buildings developed by EPACK Prefab:

Featuring optimized steel frame designs makes possible ultimate strength and heavy load bearing

Functional designs and flexibility make PEB warehouses high in demand across diverse functionality scopes.


With steel frame design of PEB warehouses, high load bearing as well as best earthquake safety is guaranteed.

PEB warehouse enclosures come in standard sectional connections which are easy and fast to develop.

PEB warehouses are more than 45% cost-effective than traditional enclosures.

EPACK Prefab as the best PEB warehouses supplier company enables major disruptive innovations in warehouse manufacture. You can learn more about the same on our website.