Eps Insulated Panels

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) are excellent insulation properties for your building. With buildings and offices getting more flexible and globalized, now the workers have to usually work in different climatic conditions. Thus, most of the organizations make use of such insulated panels in order to provide warmth or pleasant coolness to their workers with which they are habituated. Such panels are available in all kinds of designs and thicknesses today. So, they can be installed keeping in mind the climate of a particular region and the general requirement of the people.

It has versatility, durability as well as lightweight cellular plastic material which consist of small hollow spherical balls. It is this closed cellular construction that gives EPS its extraordinary features. It is produced in a wide range of densities which provides a varied range of physical properties.

PU and Roof Panels promise a remarkably efficient insulation system. Their growing demand is evident through the increment in their annual sales in recent years. They are not only demanded by the industrial chiefs but also by general public. By installing them at houses, one can guard his home from the torture of the fussy weather.

The initial thermal properties of EPS are maintained throughout its working life because its structure consists of 98% air. It is non-toxic, moisture resistant and rot proof. It is basically used as an effective thermal insulation material for walls, roofs and floors in your different kinds of buildings. You can avail EPS, constructed in a wide range of attributes, shapes and sizes as per your requirements. Therefore it is also used in many other construction applications such as void-forming fill material in civil engineering projects, as lightweight fill in road and railway construction and as flotation material in the construction of floating pontoons in yachting marinas.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is one of the most cost effective of all the insulation materials in terms of price per unit along with other properties like:

  • Safety of handling
  • Ease of cutting to size
  • Light weight
  • Long term properties
  • Moisture resistant

It is certainly a well settled material not only for your benefits but also for the building industries and endeavors a well substantiate, economic solution which helps builders to keep building costs within budget. EPS offers savings on both material and labour and the best price/performance ratio of all insulation materials.

There are some lesser recognizable benefits of EPS Insulated Panels. For example they are green products since they save energy. This works in two ways. Firstly, they give money-saving benefits. Secondly, they give a person or an organization the happy and proud feeling of making a positive contribution towards the environment.

Having a better fire performance and being the most widely recycled plastics are other advantages. Thus it is the most cost effective, economical and environment friendly insulation material available for your dream home.