Prefab Site Office Manufacturer in Malerkotla

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With a mission to design and develop high performance building structures for an upscaled pace and precision in infrastructure development, EPACK which is ranked as the No.1 site office construction company renders a strong focus on flexibility and speed in its operations. Producing the best high end low cost housing solutions for use across Malerkotla, the company has set itself a professional mandate to be India’s leading sustainability focused alternative construction solutions provider. As a brand flexible to accommodate the evolving trends and growing demands across the industry, we make possible a swift infrastructure expansion and development by leveraging vast scale benefits of our cutting-edge in-house facilities and machinery.

Designing and developing high quality budget-conscious structural enclosures in the from of prefab site accommodation, EPACK plays a vital role in alleviating the traditional inconsistencies in construction by taking it to an off-site platform featuring better quality control and mitigated risk or flaw vulnerabilities. Our factory standardized development of modular site infrastructure and portable office cabins address the skilled labour shortage and resource as well as energy crisis that the world faces.

Prefab Site Office Manufacturer

Prefabricated Site Office Features

Practising one of the best proven and recognised methodologies to improve site productivity and efficiency, we ensure an optimized construction approach with equal emphasis on quality, safety, sustainability, cost-effectiveness as well as beauty of the build. Our ethos and vision are derived from a 20+ year legacy and we guarantee clients the following features from our high-quality solutions –

  • High strength benefits and ultimate durability
  • Low-cost construction and lightweight structures
  • Safety and swift construction progress
  • Peak standards of seismic safety
  • Diverse design options and flexible ergonomic patterns
Labour Accommodation

Prefabricated Site Office Applications

The construction sector faces an immense swell in demands across residential, commercial as well as industrial sectors. In order to suffice the rise in project demands owing to wide scale urbanization, we make sure that our prefab enclosures can be used as the following –

  • Staff accommodation sheds
  • Modular guest houses
  • Makeshift office cabins and worker housing
  • Marketing shelters and control rooms
  • Lightweight labour accommodation

Our Quality Offerings

Prefab Building

Prefabricated Structures

EPACK Prefab’s prefabricated structures offer a convenient solution for a wide range of applications. By utilizing a dry construction production process, we provide a rapid alternative.

Pre Engineered Buildings
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Pre Engineered Buildings

EPACK Prefab, a leading manufacturer of pre-engineered buildings, offers turnkey solutions for multi-storey pre-engineered buildings and is rapidly expanding its client network, thanks to numerous benefits it provides.

Light Gauge Steel Framing Manufacturer

Light Gauge Steel Framing

Light-gauge steel framework is gaining increasing adoption in urban areas, especially for quick and easy solutions in single and double-storey buildings.

Sandwich Panels

Sandwich Panels

EPACK Prefab, as the leading sandwich panel manufacturer in India, offers a comprehensive range of insulating panels suitable for various industries, including agriculture, office buildings, healthcare facilities, warehouses, and more.

Standard Modular Solution

Standard Modular Solution

EPACK Prefab consistently delivers the highest level of innovative technology and precision engineering, offering industry-leading standard modular solutions for a wide range of construction types.

Clean Room

Clean Room

EPACK Prefab is the most effective modular clean-room manufacturer supplies clean room building and construction with PUF/ EPS insulated panels.

Why Choose EPACK Prefab

Redefining modern-age construction practices and processes, EPACK has set unparalleled standards of integrity, value addition and transparency in its operations which remains to its eternal credit. Taking leverage of innovative technologies and machinery, we guarantee customers a just-in-time delivery and an actionable information resource to enable real-time upgrades to processes. With the unique industrialized construction approach, we shorten building development times, reduce wastage, improve worker safety and also preserve the environment.