Manufacturing Excellent Award.

EPACK wins Manufacturing Excellence Award 2021

It was a moment of pride when this award of conferred upon us. EPACK group is one of the fastest growing prefab/pre engineered building manufacturer in India. Having been into this segment for more than a decade, we have been a key contributor in infrastructure development with prefab. 

The concept of prefabrication has been around in Europe and USA for nearly a century. In India it is still a novel concept, however. EPACK group has been instrumental in educating the community of architects and builders in our country who are reluctant to adopt prefabrication at large due to insufficient knowhow.

Our initiatives, to a considerable extent, have resulted in bridging the gap between construction demand and project completion by urging more and more people to adopt prefabrication. In the recent few years the government and many PSUs have realized the potential of this technology and its benefits. 

Another area where prefabrication scores above brick and mortar, is its eco-friendly nature. Prefab technology leaves behind minimal waste at the construction site since the entire manufacturing process happens offsite in factories. While rapid urbanization has been often debated by environmentalists for contributing towards rising pollution levels, prefab is the clear winner here.

It is rapid and does not deplete the environment. This makes us proud as a manufacturing company.

Our laurels are based on Trust, innovation and customer satisfaction – which are the three pillars of success of our organization. These are backed by deployment of latest construction technology, quality, systems and workflows together with our team of trained professionals who have helped us reach where we are today.

As of today, EPACK group’s portfolio is diverse… it includes four prefabricated airport terminal buildings, large warehouses, logistics parks, school buildings, covid hospitals and many more.

We have covered millions of square feet with this new age construction technology. Our work was appreciated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at the inauguration of Hindon airport in 2019.