Prefab Cold Storage

Prefab cold rooms are widely used in food processing and pharmaceutical industries. It is one of the effective ways to store sensitive food materials. It is a good investment to make that gives several return benefits. There are several benefits. Some of the benefits that are worth mentioning are listed below. 

1.Variations of panel thickness

One of the foremost benefits to talk about in prefab cold rooms is that the panel thickness can be altered according to the requirement. It is important to find the right thickness of panels for the kind of product you have in order to strike a balance between interior temperature and economical power consumption. If you have the right panel, your cold room can save you hoards of money. 

2. Offers flexibility of design and expansion

Modular cold rooms are built according to business requirements and come in multiple sizes. So it is advantageous to have cold rooms that offer flexibility of design and expansion. From mezzanine floors, to coving sections, there are various such areas that one can take advantage of, provided there is flexibility. 

3. These are portable

Modular design enables buildings to be built and re-built as and when there is a requirement. This is a huge benefit for the products when it has to be stored in multiple locations year round. Unlike those cold storage buildings that are made using the conventional methods, prefab cold rooms can be dismantled and re-built at a different location. 

4. Fast installation time

Being made from prefab, modular cold rooms can be installed in to time, which makes it an impressive proposition for business owners. No time is lost in the installation process. In contrast, a conventional cold room can take months to be constructed. With prefab cold rooms, your business can be up and running within few weeks. 

5.Safety and security

Cold rooms that are modular offer security to your products as well as staff members, in spite of the fact that installation is done panel by panel. State of the art security features like human trap alarm, safety locks etc come installed to give business owners a sense of relief. No matter what product you store at which location, your inventory remains safe and secure. 

6.Temperature and humidity control

A common myth exists among people that with convenience comes a downside and probably there would be little or no temperature control in prefab cold rooms. Contrary to this belief, most cold rooms built from prefab come with latest technology for temperature control.  Some rooms even come with the feature which allows temperature monitoring. This gives peace of mind without you having to worry about sudden temperature fluctuations. Besides this, modern cold rooms also come with technology that allows humidity control and pressure balance, keeping in mind certain requirements of pharmaceutical products. 

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