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Site offices are important spaces for all construction works including building and civil engineering projects. They operate slightly different from normal buildings as they are temporary structures and need to cater for the particular site conditions.Sustainability and environmental performance are important factors while designing a site office as energy and resources would be wasted if it’s not designed properly.

They are usually constructed at the beginning of the project and dismantled when the project is completed. Nowadays, site offices are commonly found in high density areas because they are quicker and easier to erect than permanent buildings and the manufacturing and construction methods are less expensive.

Flexibility and reutilization are the important aspects of a site office. Relocatable units fulfill a unique function of reutilization unlike structures built on-site which generally have fixed utilization and occupancy design.The flexibility of these buildings makes them a secure investment.

Given that relocatable buildings are constructed off site in controlled settings, finding a skilled labor force in remote locations is less of an issue. From the hottest, driest desert locations to the coldest, most severe winter climates, relocatable buildings can be utilized anywhere.

No other method of construction allows for such quick deployment of space. In cases of large demand, the site offices designed and constructed can be reused and relocated at multiple sites eliminates the need to build new structures at each of the subsequent locations. Hence,this makes it energy efficient and and cost friendly solution as well rather than constructing a whole new building.

When production demands increase, site offices can be temporarily enlarged as the space is not permanent, many companies are able to expand without the budget approval process necessary for traditional capital expenses. These offices can be single- and multi-storey buildings configured to include independent offices, conference rooms, and large open spaces for cubicles. Large and small businesses, as well as local and state governments, are typical users of relocatable site offices.