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Sample Flat
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EPACK Prefab is a leading manufacturer of prefab sample flats, utilizing a revolutionary building system known as Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF). LGSF structures consist of architectural wall structures, floor joists, and roofing trusses, all constructed using cold-formed steel sections. This method of construction enables suppliers to produce lightweight, high tensile steel sheets that are ideal for prefabricated marketing offices. The steel sheets are coated with a layer of zinc alloy, which provides complete coverage and protection against environmental corrosion.

The benefits of prefabrication make it an ideal option for marketing offices and a practical alternative for sample flats. EPACK Prefab, as the top manufacturer of sample flats, offers a wide range of structures in various sizes to cater to the unique needs of each customer and ensure optimal use of available space.

Sample Flat


Built using superior grade materials and with high attention to detail in the manufacturing process, prefab sample flat structures from EPACK Prefab offer the following advantageous features:

  • Prefab marketing offices have all the amenities and facilities that one needs.
  • High durability and tough construction is a feature of the best prefabricated sample flat
  • The structures manufactured have heavy insulation thus ensuring their suitability in areas with consistently high temperatures year round
  • Modular prefab sample flats are made from light gauge steel framing that makes then strong and durable
  • Prefabricated modular marketing offices are lightweight and easy to install or erect from scratch


Thermal efficiency, material sturdiness as well as fire resistance are characteristic features of sandwich PUF panels made at EPACK Prefab. A wide array of applications across numerous commercial as well as commercial platforms has equipped organizations to lead their corresponding industries.

The flexibility of polyurethane insulation panels has been the main reason behind its wide adoption in:

Prefab building structures are tough, long lasting, sustainable, easier to build and 100 % recyclable. These structures are meant or vast applications and have a purpose to deliver. LGSF prefab sample flats and marketing offices are meant for a gamut of construction applications and help reduce construction times significantly.

Sample flats can be built with LGSF technology and are given the benefits of light weight yet durable construction For the best marketing offices, prefabrication with light grade steel framing yields better performance and ergonomic appeal.


Sample Flat 2

Benefits from EPACK Prefab

  • Speedy Construction – Saves construction time by almost 50% compared to conventional methods
  • Lighter than other framing materials
  • Easy material selection – minimal need to sort
  • Straight walls and square corners. Various finishing options available as per customer’s desire
  • Less scrap and waste generated (2% for steel vs. 20% for lumber)
  • Price consistency is maintained by EPACK Prefab
  • Environmental selling and green positioning