Shot Blasting Room

Shot blasting is a common process used in industries which is for removal of foreign particles from a given surface. To accomplish this task successfully, various devices like spinning paddle, air guns etc. are used with different materials like sand, steel balls, water, etc. These materials are shot to get blasted on the surface.

Shot blasting procedure is mainly used for the removal of dust and rust lying on the metallic surface.

Different uses of shot blasting process:

  • Surface cleaning: It helps in removal of foreign particles, dust and rust which get deposited on the metal surface.
  • Coating: You can deposit any lubricating material in the metal surface to prevent further deposition of foreign particles.
  • Soothing texture: The process is also used to give perfect finish to the metal surface.
  • Decorations: Any material which will decorate the surface can be deposited with this method.

The process of shot blasting occurs in specially designed rooms which have all the equipments and machineries to do the blasting procedure. These rooms are known as the shot blasting rooms.

The size of the room highly depends on the procedure being automatic or semi-automatic. These rooms are customer designed and consists of blast room enclosure and abrasive recovery system

What does a shot blasting room consists of:

    • External lightening: Lights are mounted at the top or on the sides to give excellent visibility to the blasting operator.
    • Monorails or boggy :The surface to be cleaned is suspended either through a head monorail or through a heavy duty boggy.
    • Ventilation: There are specifically designed inlets which allow fresh air inside. This unique model ventilation system helps to ensure dust free atmosphere at minimum cost.

Protective clothing: the finest protective clothing for blast operator ensures that he is well protected and gives the maximum output.

  • Dust collector: for every shot blasting room, there is a dust collector system which ensures best possible working conditions inside the room by keeping it clean and dust free.

The intensity of any blast depends on the percentage of impurities residing on the surface. The procedure is widely used in several industries to clean the metal surface. The best part is that these rooms can be enlarged or shortened depending on the customers’ requirements.

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