Sandwich Panels

Sandwich Panels – The cornerstone of prefab construction

Sandwich panel is a system that safeguards the structures from outside variables and also supplies miraculous practical as well as economical option for them to have an effective stand. As contemporary, light and also long lasting building elements, sandwich panels are used to attired roofing systems and also external walls of the structures in addition to attaining insulated inner wall surfaces and freezers.

Sandwich panels, protecting you versus the outside variables on all sides of your structure, are produced by filling out a thick and also reduced thickness insulation product between two slim as well as high thickness metal surfaces. These ready-assembled structure aspects, which have a high lots bring capability in spite of their very own reduced weight, are generated on continuous lines.

Different insulation products should be picked according to the requirements of the buildings. Sandwich panel production is made in all insulation types including PUR, PIR, Mineral Woollen and EPS. You can decide which sort of sandwich panel is suitable for your building/project by considering the thermal, moisture, sound insulation and fire resistance needs of thereof.

Sandwich panels are normally made use of in commercial centers, industrial structures, freezers, domestic buildings, power plants in addition to structures for agricultural and husbandry.

The Life of Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panel, which is a composite material, is created by filling up insulation product in between two metal surface areas. The durability of sandwich panels relies on developing to choose the right technical spec of item elements according to the demands of the structure, the atmosphere and also environment conditions in which it lies.

External sheet of the sandwich panel should be resistant to temperature modifications, UV rays as well as exterior impacts. The internal sheet ought to be immune to chemical and also physical impacts as well as condensation, which might arise from the inner environment of the building.

Additionally, the load bring capabilities of sandwich panels, designed with the insulation product matching the demands of the structure, need to be calculated properly based upon the load they will carry.

After being set up according to requirements, sandwich panels and also their corresponding products should be checked a minimum of annually for cleansing and also upkeep. Damages emerging from exterior conditions must be taken care of right away.

Measurements of Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels are used for commercial and also household buildings as well as army, farming and also premade frameworks, construction website buildings, and silos. While sandwich panels cover size is 1000 mm, the length is produced in suitable sizes according to the requirements of your task.

While computing the dimensions of sandwich panels, you must likewise take into consideration the density of your insulation. The kind and also density of your insulation core need to be selected based upon the buildings of your building.

Densities of Sandwich Roof Panels and also Sandwich Wall Surface Panels to be made use of for the roof and also wall surfaces of your structure based upon the kinds of insulation range from 40 mm to 200 mm for the PUR/PIR insulation kind, 50 mm to 150 mm for the Mineral Woollen insulation, and also 40 mm to 150 mm for the EPS insulation.

PUR/ PIR insulation densities are between 80 mm – 200 mm in Cold store Panels, and also Mineral Woollen insulation thicknesses are between 50 mm – 150 mm in Acoustic Panels.

At EPACK Prefab, we have our own manufacturing unit for sandwich panels. If you have a requirement, feel free to reach out to us!