Sandwich Puff Panel

Sandwich panels, which are composed of multiple layers of material, are a crucial component of any modular structure. Sandwich structures, insulated sandwich panels, and sandwich structure composites are all names for the same thing. Sandwich capacitors get their name from the fact that an insulating layer is positioned in the middle of three metal layers. The composite block’s strong structural strength is due to the core layer’s role in supporting the outer layers. Sandwich panels are commonly used due to their low cost and advantageous qualities, such as high insulation R-values and high structural strength.

Below, we’ve outlined a few of the benefits of sandwich panels in case you’re still on the fence about whether or not they’re perfect for you.

Heat Barriers

  1. Sandwich panels, it is often known, are excellent insulators. While insulation depends on the thickness of a substance, thermal conductivity is a constant.
  2. Because of its exceptional insulating characteristics, sandwich panels have found widespread use in the building industry. They aid in temperature regulation by reflecting unwanted ambient heat. This results in savings over the expense of installing and operating conventional air conditioning in a building. Mold and excessive humidity caused by temperature fluctuations and moisture are both mitigated by sandwich panels. Panel thickness is determined by factors such as climate, building use, and thermal and load requirements.

It has fireproofing properties

Sandwich panels made with mineral wool insulation can contain a fire for quite some time. Having fire resistance is a must if you plan on occupying the building. Contractors and architects can better protect both their employees and their stock by utilising fire-resistant sandwich panels. Fire resistant panels can be installed in a structure, however it is important to take into account elements such as the building’s size and height.


When you need to block out the noise in a noisy environment, turn to sandwich panels for their excellent soundproofing qualities. High sound resistance is a feature of some panels, helping to keep your home free from the distraction of outside traffic and foot traffic.

Cost effectiveness

Since the core material of insulated sandwich panels is typically less expensive than composite reinforcement, they are a particularly cost-effective option. Additionally, sandwich panels have a high durability and can be used multiple times. They provide great value for the money because they last for many years.

Improved Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Compared to conventional panels, the strength-to-weight ratio of sandwich insulated panels is significantly higher. Because of this, they can support considerable weight despite their very small size. In addition to the obvious cost savings, this would also mean less material would need to be purchased to meet demands. Along with that, it can help cut down on delivery expenses.

EPACK Prefab has been in business for over 24 years and is a trusted provider of PUF, EPS, Rockwool, and Glasswool Sandwich Panels. Manufacturing is done in-house at our facility. Before delivery, a team of quality engineers checks that the production process was carried out according to specifications.