Pre Engineered Buildings

EPACK Prefab is a leading producer and distributor of industrial prefabricated structures. Our leading products are warehouses that are functional, durable, and affordable for any form of service. Our pre-engineered steel warehouses are ideal for any sector and can be customised to meet the needs of both small and large businesses. Steel is one of the most durable building materials due to its natural resistance to mould, insects, mildew, and fire. This provides assurance that the inventory your organisation maintains in the warehouse is secure.

During the purchasing of a prefabricated steel warehouse. It is crucial to get the particulars and specifications correct. Understanding key characteristics and parameter lines will undoubtedly aid you in choosing the best decision. Below are some of the benefits of steel stockrooms that are important to remember.

They Are Super Durable

Extreme weather conditions are a big source of concern, particularly for warehouses that store inventory worth millions of dollars. If your business is located in a location with unpredictable weather, it is prudent to choose a building material that can withstand extreme conditions. Steel warehouses are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as lightning storms and unrelenting rainfall. These warehouses are among the hardest structures on the globe due to the inert strength of steel and the firm base.

They are Cost-Effective

PEB steel stockrooms are more cost-effective than standard traditional frameworks from the initial constructing and construction through the duration of their existence. PEB steel storage facilities are one of the most cost-effective alternatives when labour, maintenance, and other expenses are factored in, as the building components are easy to assemble and come with the necessary equipment.

They Need Minimal Maintenance

PEB warehouses feature fewer parts than conventional warehouses, necessitating extremely little or no maintenance over its lifetime. Steel is additionally resistant to the formation of mould and mildew, making it invulnerable to the typical causes of structural deterioration.

They can be built immediately!

Traditional building construction typically takes over a year or more to complete. To ensure that this task is completed on time, you will need a professional, construction materials, a labour plan, and so on. If you have a pressing need to expand or improve your storage facilities, this can become problematic. In contrast, prefabricated steel storage facilities can be constructed in a matter of weeks.

Steel buildings are long-lasting

If you are investing in a storage facility for your business, you would prefer for it to be durable. The EPACK Prefab steel warehouses are guaranteed to last for decades. Our brand is known for the durability of its products. In addition, they are custom-made to withstand the local climate.

They are resistant to fire

Fire safety is of paramount concern for all local company owners. Traditional structures are typically constructed with flammable materials, such as wood and drywall, leaving your property prone to fire damage. Steel, on the other hand, is naturally fireproof, and its high melting point protects structures from fire damage.

EPACK Prefab has over 24 years of experience with the construction of pre-engineered and prefabricated buildings. If you have a need, feel free to contact us for a no-obligation estimate!