Steel For Smiles Initiative

We are aware that there has been a construction boom due to rapid urbanization and population increases, especially in developing nations like India.

However, because the building and construction industries greatly increase energy consumption and carbon emissions, this growth comes at a cost to the environment. India wants to achieve zero emission by 2070, and decreasing emission means switching to eco-friendly practices and low-carbon products.

Accordingly, EPACK Prefab has always prioritized sustainability in all its projects. With a commitment to delivering top-notch pre-engineered construction solutions (PEB), EPACK Prefab goes beyond traditional methods.

Embracing the efficiency and flexibility of PEB technology while integrating eco-friendly practices into manufacturing processes, the company supports projects in accordance with green building certification guidelines, aiding clients with significantly reduced carbon emissions.

In its recent effort to promote the circular economy, EPACK Prefab, a leader in sustainable construction solutions, has launched the “Steel for Smiles” initiative.

About the “Steel for Smiles” Initiative

Expanding its vision beyond environmental protection, EPACK Prefab introduces the “Steel for Smiles” initiative to foster community development, sustainability, and environmental awareness.

Under this initiative, we organized WasteToWorth Campaign to spread the message that recycling waste steel can create valuable products and services that benefits the society. Also, it has driven the awareness about the sustainable and eco-friendly practices within communities and at workplaces.

One of the key part of this campaign is the distribution of benches to school kids. The company repurposed its steel waste from manufacturing plant into benches and brought joy & smiles to them. The school administration and kids expressed their gratitude for their contribution.

Besides, this campaign also garnered significant attention and engagement on social media. In collaboration with organization, Pankti Pandey, a well-known environmental influencer, used her social media platform to spread awareness about recycling waste and WastetoWorth campaign.

“Steel for Smiles” embodies the essence of responsible leadership at EPACK Prefab, showcasing how businesses can be a positive force for change in the society and for the environment. By recycling and reusing waste steel, EPACK Prefab aims to bring inclusivity and social progress by supporting education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, and community development.

While promoting the initiative, Mr. Sanjay Singhania, MD, EPACK Prefab, said:

“As MD of EPACK Prefab, I am proud to see the impact of our ‘Steel for Smiles’ initiative. At EPACK Prefab, we believe that profitability and social responsibility go hand in hand. These are not mutually exclusive. By repurposing waste steel and supporting community development, we are not only minimizing environmental impact but also creating a brighter future for individuals and communities.”

The “Steel for Smiles” initiative reflects EPACK Prefab’s commitment to making a tangible difference in society and the environment. Our dedication to the environment and resource conservation is paramount. We prioritize energy efficiency, waste reduction, and creating healthier spaces for occupants compared to conventional buildings.

By turning waste into community opportunities through this initiative, we demonstrate how businesses can be agents of positive change, fostering inclusivity, social progress, and environmental sustainability.

Join the journey

The “Steel for Smiles” initiative is a testament to EPACK Prefab’s commitment to making a tangible difference in society and the environment.

Join us in our journey from waste to worth as we demonstrate that even the seemingly insignificant can hold immense value when approached with innovation, compassion, and a commitment to building a brighter tomorrow.  Visit our Instagram and Facebook handles to learn more about our sustainable construction solutions and initiatives. Connect with us on your favorite platform to share your “waste to worth” story.