Amarnath Shrine Board

Since times immemorial, mankind has faced devastating losses and challenges that put lives as well as systems to the limit. We are currently facing the worst pandemic of the generation in the form of COVID-19. This coronavirus has already pushed us to the limits of our abilities of survival as well as our sustenance in such times.

With more than 3 million affected all over the world, this is turning to be the most critical event that many of the current generations could not even imagine. While we are engulfed by this pandemic, it is creating infrastructural challenges over myriad sectors.

Our healthcare facilities are pushed to the absolute limit, there is a global disruption of supply chain, economies are facing major losses and the worst of all, we have lost a lot many precious lives.

In such times of a health and safety crisis, hospitals and healthcare facilities need to support an overwhelming number of patients and with most facilities maxing out on their avail of space or service, there has been a global call for setting up of COVID Special hospitals on a wartime pace.

This is where prefabrication truly comes in to the scene! 

In the current scenario where we face shortage of healthcare infrastructure due to the COVID-19 crisis, prefabrication technology as incorporated by the PEB company in India is the only viable solution that can help us meet the rising demands of healthcare expansion that too achieved in record times.

Modular construction is the only possible technology that can serve us durable, swift, efficient and specific structures so as to support the increasing patient volumes and help us fight this pandemic.

Prefabrication and its feasibility in times of a pandemic  

Our country in currently in its third phase of lockdown extension and without a cure for this virus, prevention is the only route to adopt. That doesn’t mean we have won the battle. Still, there are about 60000 positive cases all over the country and experts predict the numbers to rise in the coming weeks.

This leaves us with a major task of preparing to tackle the coronavirus and the first step towards achieving the same would be to reinforce our healthcare infrastructure by setting up or expanding our COVID special facilities where proper treatment and attention can be given to those who have contracted the virus.

Through the adoption of prefabrication technology, it becomes possible to result in speeded infrastructure development, and the flexible design specification as allowed by modular construction will help us to derive structures that can be perfect for utilization in the healthcare sector.

Involving strong frame construction with composite panels insulation, these enclosures as manufactured by PEB manufacturer in India provide the best advantages of strength, durability, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness as well as time savings. As conventional construction methods require extended project completion times and are not feasible for speeded infrastructure development as required during the current times, prefabricated structures as offered by EPACK Prefab, the top Pre Engineered Building manufacturer offers the essential benefits to help us create sustainable and swiftly constructed structures for ensuring optimum healthcare functioning.