Acoustic Enclosure

Nowadays a very specialized structure is widely used in the industries for the noise control. These are called acoustic enclosures which are like a sound proof box or room which can be constructed anywhere. They are basically used to avoid any harsh or loud sounds in the enclosure to go outside in order to provide a calm and workable environment.

In industrial environments, the noise reflection from machinery can easily excel statutory limits and cause a serious health risk to production staff. Acoustic enclosures reduce noise pollution from noisy plant and machinery without reducing the efficiency and cleanliness of the plant during normal operations.

Acoustic enclosures offer the following benefits and key features.

    • Weatherproof options are there as they are also used in external sites.
    • The thickness of panel can be varied depending on its use.
    • In order to allow easy access, double lead single doors are fitted in them.
    • Doublle gazed windows comes as viewing options
    • If required, they can be equipped with pipe-work or ductwork.
    • In industries comes, they come with natural or forced air ventilation
      Availability of lighting is there, so that you can access it whatever external surroundings are General electric fittings are there in it.

Acoustic enclosures are suitable for a variety of industrial applications and uses that include:

  • Compressor Enclosures – They provide a simple and cost effective solution for noise reduction of air compressors.
  • Diesel and Gas Generator Enclosures – They are an effective shield from noise-making generators and machinery.
  • Personnel Noise Shelters- They provide outstanding noise reduction and create a quiet comfortable workspace for staff at the heart of any manufacturing or industrial operation
  • Sliding acoustic covers- They contain noise emissions from industrial plant and allow easy access during maintenance or replacement.
  • Soundproof Observation/Control Rooms and Offices- They provide staff with a quiet working environment and protect them from the risk of hearing damage due to noisy plant and machinery.

Major Components of Acoustic Enclosures

Thus, acoustic enclosure is a cost effective way to enhance the labour efficiency in the industries as it is very challenging to work when there is loud and disturbing noises in your surroundings. These enclosures also come in various outer finishes so that you can choose depending on your area interiors. The various types of finishes include:

  • powder coated finishes
  • paint finishes
  • plastisol coated steel finish
  • galvanized stainless steel finish