Industrial Building

Talking about construction, steel buildings have its own set of advantages. Not only it is quicker to build with, steel structures result into long term cost savings. At EPACK Prefab, we make pre engineered steel buildings. The structural elements are prepared offsite which are then carried to the construction site for assembling and installation. This speeds up the whole process of erecting a building, which is a time taking affair with traditional construction. The cost saving factor in prefabricated steel building lasts throughout its life, due to the following factors:

Low Maintenance

Steel is inherently a very durable material and seldom needs any major repair over the course of regular usage. It is also resistive to the growth of mold, mildew or pest. 

Lower Insurance Premium

Due to the long lasting factor and reliability of industrial steel buildings, insurance premiums are often lower when compared to traditional buildings of the same specification. 

Ability to retain original value

Steel buildings do not decay with time, so they retain their original look and functionality for years. It is also due to this fact that they can retain their value for years. Also, steel being recyclable, can be perished when they are no longer needed. 

Disassemble and rebuild

Pre engineered buildings are easy to disassemble. They can be taken down and carried to another location and rebuilt. So if you have projects running at different locations, you need not necessarily invest in multiple buildings. This is how pre engineered steel buildings offer better return on investment when pitted against traditional ones. 

Cost saving tips – cut down on unnecessary accessories

While this depends complete on your choice, there are several accessories available for a steel building and the unnecessary ones can be done away with. This can help you cut down on the additional cost before manufacturing begins. Should the requirement arise later, pre engineered steel buildings are flexible and can always be modified later. 

Worker’s safety

Worker’s safety should be the first priority at any job site. With prefabrication however, the risk of injuries are relatively less, since majority of the construction work is done offsite in factory conditions. Nevertheless, it is important to have safety gear for the personnel and ensure everyone wears helmet and other gear as laid down by the company rules.

EPACK Prefab is a major player in manufacturing of prefabricated and pre engineered building construction. We have our own manufacturing unit and a team of trained professional who look after every stage of construction from design, production to installation.