Puf Panels

PUF or polyurethane foam panels are among the most commonly made use of sandwich panels in premade building innovation. It includes 2 sheets constructed from painted galvanized iron or a comparable structural sheet, which develops a shielded layer around the core constructed from by polyurethane kind. The sheets can be metallic or non-metallic as well as are offered in different combinations.

The density of PUF insulated sandwich panels differ based on need and so does the density. These panels have high thermal insulation homes– a feature that makes them tremendously helpful. The insulation makes it possible for these panels to supply optimal space temperature.

Another factor for popularity of PUF panels is its adaptability. These panels can be utilized for building of roof covering, wall surfaces, flooring or foundation. Some remarkable functions of PUF panels are as below:

High Structural toughness as well as longevity contribute towards the popularity of PUF panels. 

  • Toughness
  • Pre engineered for specific dimensions and accuracy
  • Modular in nature
  • Easy to dismantle and also transfer from one place to another as needed
  • Quick on-site installment
  • All-weather evidence
  • Resistant to water, fire, termites
  • Energy conserving as a result of thermal insulation
  • CFC Free, Close Cell PUF System.

When polyurethane foam is sprayed, it works as weatherproof sealer, developing a continual layer of insulation, fills out the spaces and seams throughout application. It additionally covers locations that are challenging to insulate. The closed cell spray PUF additionally creates an air and also moisture obstacle. This in turn minimizes the drafts thereby producing more powerful as well as quieter buildings. PUF panels are likewise independent frameworks which can be used in a large range of applications.

EPACK Prefab is a maker of PUF panels in the market. We offer total PUF Sandwich Panel remedy for workers accommodation, roof covering options for industrial sheds, stockroom, chilly spaces, safety and security cabins, site offices, porta cabins and many more such applications.