The construction industry in India has witnessed tremendous growth with the advent of prefabrication technology. One of the areas where EPACK has dominantly established prefabricated solutions is in site infrastructure.

Prefabricated site offices

As compared to traditional brick and mortar structures, more and more people are now adopting prefabrication technology. This is essentially due to the fact that using prefabrication, structures can be constructed much faster. The components are manufactured in a controlled factory environment and then assembled in a client site.

Being factory manufactured, with automated processes, minimal chances of human error is left behind. Hence, our prefabricated structures are energy efficient, with minimum waste left behind. The structures also have long shelf life.

Labour accommodation

It is observed in many parts of India, that labors live in makeshift tents built at the construction site. The living conditions are unhygienic and thus, labors often tend to leave. This leads to the problem of labor retention which is an issue faced by many. As a result, projects get delayed.

The prefabricated labor accommodation we offer specifically caters to a better living atmosphere for the labors and their families. Prefabrication enables quick construction which can be assembled at the construction sites in no time. Another advantage is that it can be dismantled and shipped to a new site without much difficulty. Thus, it leaves you with enormous financial savings. Better living conditions ensure more productivity from the labors and thereby leading to the projects getting completed within the due date.

Prefab doesn’t last long? It’s a myth

A common perception exists among people that prefabricated construction is not durable. It is, however, a myth. The adoption of prefabrication technology is increasing in developing countries. For instance, The Marriott Hotel has built its second modular-designed hotel in Oklahoma City, USA.  As per sources, the company plans to build around 50 more prefabricated hotels by the end of the current year. The concept of prefabricated homes is comparatively new. However, they are certainly up-and-coming and have a lot of potentials to gain a larger presence worldwide, in the years to come.

The credibility of prefabrication in architecture has been established for its potential to increase productivity and efficiency without any compromise to the quality on offer. The demand for construction that is better, faster and cheaper is being sought after in the US, Japan and some European countries especially as far as residential buildings are concerned. In developing countries like India, African countries and also in parts of China, people are increasingly relying on prefabrication, having seen the potential advantages of quick construction and affordability.