Peb School Building

Schools used to be a building made of brick, mortar and cement. Likewise, the hospitals and nursing homes used to be made through such bricked and cemented pieces. Though they were strong, they required heavy expenditure and many months of labor. Perhaps, this is why they are now losing their popularity due to the emergence of prefabricated buildings. Prefab schools and prefab health centres are on the rise. Perhaps, this shouldn’t come as a major surprise. It was expected given the multifarious advantages prefab sites bring into the picture.

Prefabricated buildings do not make the builder toil for many days. They do not require the client to wait for many months before the site to get ready. Prefab sites can be erected and installed in just a few days, sometimes even a few hours.

So is it just a passing trend, like the wave of a sea? Or is it here to stay for a really long run?

Though, technology has made the world a very dynamic place and nothing can be predicted with outright precision, it is fairly reasonable to see that prefabricated buildings are here to stay for a long time. Prefab schools are easy to run and maintain since the set-up cost is low and the maintenance expenses are also within reach.

Likewise, prefab health centres entail low costs. So, they become much more affordable to the people from the lower strata or to the middle-class families. Prefab buildings can also be constructed in a jiffy and they are green products. Their green and rich nature will always help the owner to command a high resale value for the building.