Railway Shelters

Railway shelter and telecom shelter are suitable and capable enough to withstand tough climatic conditions and protect sophisticated equipment from moisture, air and dust. The components i.e. the walls, roof and floor of these shelters are often laminated building elements with a light frame construction inside to make them robust and sturdy. Inside the shelter the walls can be delivered with different kinds of material based on the landscape in which the shelters are to be placed.

The shelters can be installed with climate control, light, electrical installation and racks according to customer requirements.

These shelters provide protection to the high value telecom and railway equipment. Telecom equipments are housed inside the shelter made of PUF sheets panels. The Panels are manufactured at the plant and shipped to site. At site these panels are assembled to make housing for the telecom equipments. PUF based panels are used for housing telecom equipments because it provides better insulation. Heat transfers from inside to outside and vice versa is restricted because of efficient insulation properties of PUF. This makes the housing energy efficient and saves huge amount of energy. T

The use of PUF based panels in shelter being energy efficient makes diesel set to run less than had there been no PUF insulation in panels. Making the DG to run less number of hours causes less pollution and helps protect environment. Due to its energy efficient and environment friendly properties, PUF based shelters are widely used in telecom cell site for equipment house

These shelters are air and water tight. They generally have quite a long lifespan with zero maintenance and high thermal resistance.With reinforced ceiling panels, additional protection is provided.These shelter are designed to face harsh conditions and several different landscapes and quality tested in compliance with international quality standards. In order to protect the important machinery, these shelter play an important role.