Peb Warehouse Building

The traditional building process of a warehouse with brick and mortar is a the most widely known way of construction. It has been there for years. Later on steel buildings made inroads in the warehouse construction. As prefabricated technology forayed into the construction, Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings proved its potential to be the mainstream construction for warehouses. Pre engineered buildings are being widely adopted by companies for its speed of construction, quality, durability and other factors.

Usage of standard heavy sections having more weight in structural steel buildings is the reason why pre engineered buildings have been success, though that makes it slightly expensive. Besides, PEB construction is also eco-friendly. The steel used is recyclable.

Warehouses in most cases are designed in a standard box type construction, as the design and space requirements for storing goods varies. As per statistics, PEB accounts for up to 80 percent of the warehouses constructed these days. This is due to the numerous advantages offered by PEB from faster return on investment, quick construction, low maintenance, ease of expansion, durable, etc. to name a few.

Warehouses are increasingly addressing specific requirements for its customers such as offering bare storage, storage with crane facilities, food storage, storage with multi-level stacking and open storage. PEB has a technology for warehouse construction is most popular in the food and agro-industry in India. Ever since measures for preserving quality of fruits and vegetables and cold storage facilities have been laid down by the government, there has been an increase in the adoption of PEB technology.

India has witnessed tremendous business growth in the e-commerce segment in the last one decade. The supply chains and warehousing facilities across the country are the cornerstone to support this e-commerce revolution. Many organizations have strategized their business objectives which has paved inroads for the acceptability of PEB technology in warehousing.

Today, the demands of warehousing companies are multiple – ranging from modern construction, low maintenance, fast construction, to ease of future expansion. Pre Engineered Buildings are the only solution that has all of these. The PEB industry in India has been thus witnessing steady growth over the last few years. Industry reports further corroborate this growth which is slated to rise in the years to come.

The scope of PEB in warehouse construction is endless. Time and cost benefits are the attributes that attract most takers and PEB has both to meet the ever-increasing demand for warehouse. Therefore, it would not be incorrect to infer that Pre engineered buildings are the future of warehouse construction.