Prefab Site Office

Several organisations have requirements of a kind where they need their staff to go for field visits or work out of office at the construction site. To be able to construct a permanent site office is both costly and time taking. Such requirements are often temporary – the staff are required to move once a project gets over. Therefore having a brick and mortar structure is not feasible considering many factors. 

In situations like this, prefabricated offices are the way to go. Cost savings are imperative and so is having a quickly built site office for the staff to work out of. Prefabrication has several benefits over traditional construction. With multiple projects running, investment are distributed, so cost savings becomes imminent. 

While the benefits of prefabrication are many, here we have listed out the 5 most common ones that will help understand the utility factors. 

Construction time is faster

The process of construction with prefab takes upto 40 percent lesser time than brick and mortar. Building components are manufactured off site and then transported to the location. So construction is not delayed by weather conditions or other factors which are commonly associated with traditional construction.  

Can be dismantled and relocated

Prefab site offices have modular construction. They are built from sturdy but lightweight materials. These two factors together makes it easy to dismantle and transported to another location where it can be assembled once again. This leads to cost savings in the long run, since you invest only once. 

The materials are recyclable

Steel which forms the beams the columns is recyclable. Therefore prefab site offices become a recyclable product that is environmentally sustainable. This is another factor that leads to savings. The materials once built lasts for many years. 

The end product is of high quality

Our products are made from superior quality materials that are tested for quality. We have set guidelines according to international standards of construction. Every component is quality-tested, before handover. 

Prefab construction is eco-friendly

Modular construction uses materials that are environmentally sustainable. These are steel structures which are recyclable. During the planning and design phase, the entire process is pre engineered and drawn out. This helps manufacturing to be done to precision, with minimal waste material being produced. Also, in comparison to traditional construction, this process does not create waste material from landfill. 

In conclusion, prefabricated construction has several benefits over traditional construction. Site offices made from prefab is therefore beneficial due to time and cost factors.