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In the e-commerce, pharmaceutical and food-grain storage industries, warehouses are among the most common and widely used structures. Unlike in the past few decades, when most warehouses were made out of brick and mortar, today’s warehouses are pre engineered. Pre engineered steel warehouses have been popular in recent years as a result of their durability and low cost. Many additional benefits exist as well, such as rapid building time, less upkeep, adaptability during growth, and so on.

In this article, we’ll examine several crucial points to think about before prefabricated steel warehouse or a storage facility:

1. The lofty ceiling

The vast majority of companies, including e-commerce companies, now opt for warehouse space in order to store their inventory before it is shipped to customers. As a result, these items are stored in the warehouses atop numerous shelves. Consequently, for efficient stacking and storage, the ceiling height in such warehouses is typically around 12 metres.

2. A continual roof over the loading and unloading areas

A lot of loading and unloading takes place on the bays all day long because that’s what a warehouse is used for—storing things. That’s why we think it’s a good idea for warehouses to have more than one pier and a roof that extends over them all. The cover will keep your inventory dry and safe from damage in the event of severe rain in your warehouse’s location.

3. Multiple Loading / Unloading bays

Loading and unloading are commonplace tasks in a warehouse setting. Our advice is to construct several entrances or bays so that product delivery is not slowed down by a backlog of vehicles on busy days.

4. Storage building with insulation

Industrial Sheds or pre engineered warehouses that are properly insulated are crucial to prevent damage to stored items from elements such as rain, dampness, mildew, excessive heat, etc. Insulation panels that are reflective are suggested for this use. It’s simple to set up and keeps everything dry and pristine inside.

5. Fire Protection Capabilities

Pre-engineered warehouses structures store products upon which your company depends. Fires can inflict millions of rupees in damage, therefore it’s vital to take preventative measures. We suggest using rockwool / glasswool insulation panels, which have fireproofing properties, for this. Fire hydrants and sprinkler systems are also required.

When it comes to pre engineered warehouses, EPACK Prefab is a dominant force in the industry. We produce them in a facility of our own, where they are supervised by experts. To date, we have constructed warehouses all throughout India for a wide variety of clients in the logistics, e-commerce, and other sectors.