Sandwich Panels

Sandwich claddings for walls typically have three layers: a solid insulating core, two metal skins, and an air gap between them. It is the innermost layer that provides the most insulation. Insulation can be anything from polyurethane to mineral wool to EPS. Sheets of pre-painted, galvanised iron metal serve as the outermost and innermost layers, respectively. The three layers are held together by special adhesives and foaming methods.

Wall and roof claddings of a prefab structure are typically insulated sandwich panels. Sandwich panels are adaptable and may be used in any structure, whether it be an office building, a school, a hospital, or a warehouse. But why should one use such panels, exactly? Read on down below and we’ll examine it:

Being lightweight, they are easy to port around

In spite of its strength, a sandwich panel is surprisingly lightweight. By doing so, significant weight is reduced without compromising the building’s durability. It also aids in maintaining a comfortable temperature within the space thanks to the inner core insulation.

Speed of the set up.

In order to link two panels together, tongue and groove systems are standard on sandwich panels. Because of their modest weight, they are simple to load and unload from a truck. Time invested is little. That means a small team of workers can get the job done quickly and effectively.

Lots of thermal insulation

Polyurethane panels, like those used in insulation, have thermal insulation properties, as do mineral wool or rockwool. Since sandwich panels help keep the interior at a constant temperature by blocking the passage of excess heat, they are often the material of choice. Workplace comfort is maintained without excessive energy use or cost.

Superior ability to withstand fire and to insulate against noise

Insulation made of rockwool is known for its fireproof qualities. It can contain a fire and stop it from spreading. Losses from a fire can run into the millions, not counting lives lost. So, it’s crucial to take fire precautions when constructing a building.

If your office and factory are close together, sound insulation is also crucial. Noise is an often-ignored issue that can significantly disrupt everyday activities like having a conversation or concentrating on work.

Sandwich panels are produced in-house at EPACK Prefab. Our skilled workers adhere to a strict set of criteria and perform multiple quality checks throughout the production process. We have been producing and supplying insulated sandwich panels to all of India, including its major cities, towns, and even outlying regions, for over 24 years. Please get in touch with us if you have any needs.