Pre Enginnered Building

Do you think..

It is FASTER, CHEAPER and EFFICIENT to get the Steel buildings fabricated on-site rather than getting it made by the professional Pre-engineered building companies??

Then read the below points that will help you end up losing lots of Time, Money and Effort.

  • The first point is the pre-engineered buildings which are made by the professional Pre-engineered building companies are at least 27 to 30% lighter in weight as compared to the onsite fabrication.
    The reason for this is very simple when we going for the
    onsite fabrication then we have to purchase sections and gurters which are available in the market in standard sizes like ISMB and ISMC.

So these standard sections cannot be optimized but in case of Pre-engineered buildings each and every section can be optimized in the design, and can be made customized as per the requirement of the building so it makes the building lighter by 27 to 30%.

In addition to this another major cost is in the Civil Foundation, So in case of onsite fabrication since the building is heavier by 30% the Civil Foundation cost also goes up by 11 to 18%, which is again a major dent on your overall cost of the project and the overall cost of the project would go up anywhere between 19%-24% percent.

  • The second point is predefined cost, It means when you deal with a Pre-engineered building company then at the start you know what is going to be the cost of the entire building, whereas when you’re going for the onsite fabrication what you really know is the per kg cost, you workout the Cost of the Steel and the cost of fabrication and painting and you think that I can do it with Rs 60/Kg why should I get it done at Rs 70-72/Kg by a Pre-engineered company??

But this is entirely wrong because when you are dealing in onsite. then you are not accounting for the wastage which at least 7-8% in the site and also the kind of uncontrolled atmosphere under which the entire building is been getting made, so it works out to be at least 15 to 17% expensive as compared to a Pre-engineered building.

  • The third point is obviously a Better Quality, Since the Pre-engineered building are made at a controlled atmosphere in a factory their quality is never compromised, Steel quality is checked properly the welding quality is checked properly, the painting quality is checked properly and finally while dispatch the final quality check is taken care of by the experts. 
  • The fourth point is On-time delivery if you have given your Pre-engineered building to a professional Pre-engineered building company then they must have planned the building well so that you can get the buildings at the right time, not before neither after the work has been carried out at the site, and when the metal is required absolutely on that time.

Because when you do onsite fabrication then you have to get all the raw material at one time or maybe in batches, but it is laying at the site for a lot of time, Resulting in rusting and host of other such problems in the steel, but this is not the case in case of Pre-engineered building company they have a well-covered factory, a shed where none of the Steel is exposed to the environment.

  •  The final point is Easy Execution, the pre-engineered building members are very easy to install also they are nut bolted very easily because they have been checked to the perfection in the factory so it is very easy to install them at the site.

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