Modular Construction

Modular prefabricated building is gaining popularity in the infrastructure sector. Prefabrication technology is being adopted by an increasing number of business owners since it allows for quick construction while remaining cost effective and efficient. The modular construction approach is changing the way the world views construction. Here are ten of the advantages of modular prefabricated building that make it so popular.

1. Construction speed

Prefabricated building is often 30 to 60% faster than traditional construction. By becoming modular, the building components are created concurrently with the foundation work on the site. Because installation is done module by module, the entire construction process moves quickly.

2. Off-site building

The components of modular prefab buildings are fabricated offsite in a facility. These are then delivered to the construction site and installed. Offsite construction boosts efficiency and eliminates construction delays caused by changing weather conditions. As a result, total construction quality is competitive, and disturbance is minimal.

3. There is no impact in day-to-day operations.

Building extension projects benefit greatly from modular construction. Because development takes place offsite, disturbances caused by construction activities do not interfere with your day-to-day business operations.

4. Environmentally friendly

Traditional building involves a lot of garbage stacking up on the job site. This is not the case with modular, because construction takes place off-site. The fundamental structure of pre designed modular structures is comprised of recyclable steel that does not degrade the environment.

5. Budget-friendly

In the long run, modular constructions are extremely cost-effective. For example, if your company requires you to relocate on a regular basis, your movable site office can follow you. As a result, you do not need to invest in creating offices in every location. Some vendors also design buildings on their own, saving you the cost of hiring an architect.

6. Aesthetically pleasing

Modular constructions have evolved significantly over time. They are no longer the boring tin containers that many thought they were a few decades ago. There are numerous design alternatives available to you nowadays. Modular buildings can be highly beautiful whether they are used to construct schools, commercial malls, or office buildings.

7. Usability Flexibility

Another major benefit of modular buildings is their adaptability. An empty space in a modular building can be transformed into anything you require, such as an office, kitchen, gymnasium, classroom, music room, and so on.

8. Structures that are long-lasting

Prefabricated buildings are composed of the most durable materials available on the market to assure their longevity. While shifting weather conditions are a source of anxiety, modern modular constructions can survive it all. Some of the materials utilised in these structures, such as glasswool panels, are fire-resistant, making modular buildings as safe as ever.

EPACK Prefab is one of India’s fastest-growing prefabricated construction firms. Our contribution includes 7 million square feet of prefabricated space. Apart from big industrial structures such as warehouses, factory buildings, and industrial sheds, we also construct modular site offices, security cabins, mobile testing labs, and labour accommodation.