Rockwool Panel

Looking to buy Rockwool Insulated Sandwich Panels ??

Here are few tips which will help you to buy the right product.

The First Point is:

1) In a Rockwool Sandwich Panel, the most important part is the Rockwool itself, so the Rockwool should have a density of a minimum of 100 kg/m³.

2) The second point is the Rockwool should be the Lamella type that is the fibers of the Rockwool should be standing fiber not sleeping fibers.

3) The third point is the Rockwool sandwich panel should be made in a continuous sandwich panel line and should not be hand made by the supplier.

 4) The Fourth and the most important point is the Adhesion of the Rockwool with the metal skin on both the side, So this can be achieved only if the supplier is using a two-component gluing system in his continuous line. If the supplier is using a single component gluing system then the skin will tend to tear apart after some time. 

5) The fifth point is the metal skin on either side of the sandwich panel should have a minimum of 90 GSM of galvanizing coating otherwise the sandwich panel will tend to get rusted after some time.

6) The sixth point is the color coated metal skin on either side of the sandwich panel should have a minimum of 20 to 25 micron of paint otherwise the paint will tend to tear apart or look very shabby after some time.

7) The seventh and the most important point is the jointing system of the Sandwich Panel the tongue and groove jointing system between the two sandwich panels should have a minimum overlap of 8 to 10 mm otherwise it will tend to Buckle after some time.

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