Huwake Engineering

With the demand for warehouses soaring higher than ever, Pre engineered buildings have become one of the viable contenders for warehouse. Pre engineered buildings or PEBs as they are popularly known, are used as warehouses across different industries. EPACK Prefab is equipped with its own manufacturing setup for Pre-engineered Buildings. Steel is about 30% lighter than the conventional steel structures. Therefore, the foundations laid out have pragmatic design, which are easy to construct and much lighter in weight.

The use of steel, is yet to garner enough contenders in India. It has become one of means of sustainable construction in Europe, USA and Australia. According to research, two-thirds of more than forty million tons of steel produced is accounted for construction. Steel buildings, though lightweight are structures that are robust. They have energy saving capabilities and offers construction options that are more customizable, as compared to traditional structures.

PEBs are also delivered with good quality paint applied on cladding and steel structures. This is conducive to ambient conditions at site that accounts for extra durability and minimal maintenance costs. In order to cope with the speed of growing industry demands of warehouse, PEBs have turned out to be a great alternative to conventional construction.

Steel buildings are eco-friendly and the material itself has recyclable properties, which makes it widely popular in recent times. These buildings are completely manufactured in the factory in a controlled environment and hence do not leave any negative impact on environment.