Site Office Epack Prefab

The staff and their supervisors are often required to visit and stay at construction site while working on a project. It is no unknown fact that many organizations have this need. The cost incurred is high due to certain processes, time of construction and other factors. Therefore, cost-saving becomes imperative, especially since investments are often spread across different sites.

Prefabricated technology has several benefits compared to its traditional counterpart. It is therefore becoming one the most in-demand mode of construction.

Some common benefits of prefab site office are:

1. It can be constructed quickly

It takes far lesser time to construct a portable site office with prefabrication. The construction time is significantly less by up to 30 to 60 percent as compared to building a permanent office.

2. It can be dismantled and relocated easily

Portable offices can be dismantled and relocated to different locations with ease. Consequently, this results in large cost savings as the same structure can be disassembled and re-assembled.

3. It is made from recyclable materials

EPACK’s portable offices are made from materials that are recyclable. This is another that adds to cost saving as the material once built lasts long.

4. It is of high quality

Portable offices are constructed with superior quality materials,  built to industry regulations laid down for safety. The offices are designed as per requirements and are built in the factory, which is a controlled environment. Quality tests are performed before roll out. 

5. It is an eco-friendly construction

Portable offices – be it modular or otherwise, are eco-friendly. This is primarily due to the reason that construction is done within a controlled environment which leaves chances of lesser materials to be wasted. Materials are remeasured, so minimal waste is left behind. Besides, since the construction time is significantly less, there is less environmental pollution due to transportation. The disruption caused at job site is also lessened, because these are temporary buildings. The recyclable property makes them reusable and eco-friendly.