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The construction industry is one of the largest in the world, where groundwork is driven by labour. Labour are the workforce and they deserve hygienic living conditions. Sadly however, they don’t get it everywhere or very often.  Labour shortage can cause immense losses to a project. Post coronavirus lockdown, this issue has come to a greater limelight. Many construction projects do not offer hygienic environment for labours to live in. This often leads labours to leave and in search of better living conditions. 

At EPACK Prefab, we manufacture and supply prefabricated labour hutments at different locations. We provide several design and flooring options, G, G+1, G+2. Being modular, these structures are easily to install and does not require heavy machinery or big manpower. 

Below we look at some advantages of prefabricated labour hutments

  1. Has excellent insulation properties which saves electricity cost

The wall and roof cladding are made of insulated sandwich panels, which have excellent insulation properties. In tropical areas where summers are scorching, this is of immense benefit. It keeps the room cool enough not to incur huge electricity cost. 

  1. Fast construction time

Prefab construction happens offsite in factory conditions, which increases structural efficiency. The components are then shipped to the site for installation. This process makes construction faster by about 60%. In traditional construction, completion is often delayed due to weather conditions, which is not the case with prefab construction. 

  1. Provides a hygienic environment

Labour accommodations commonly found everywhere are shanties, which don’t offer a hygienic environment. As a result, it is often seen that children in the shanties are born with diseases. Also, shanties are built in a slapdash way which are at the risk of damage in changing weather conditions. In comparison, our prefab structures provide a safe and secure living environment for labours.  

  1. Cost savings in the long run

The labour accommodation structure we make are lightweight and can be dismounted easily. It can then be shipped to another location and rebuilt. This saves a lot of cost in the long run, because your investment is only once. 

  1. Expansion is easy with modular design

We offer multiple options for our labour accommodations to choose from. These are built to client specifications. Being modular, you can easily expand these structures by adding frames, wall and roof panels. 

EPACK Prefab is one of the largest players in the prefab market of India. We are into designing and construction of various types industrial, commercial and institutional prefab accommodations from. We deliver across India.