Portable Cabins

When it comes to the growth of a nation’s infrastructure, the building industry is crucial. Recent years have witnessed the expansion of the prefabrication sector. The porta cabin is one of the products with the highest demand. It is a versatile product in the building business that can accommodate any need. Portable cabins have a wide range of applications, including site office, security cabins, mobile testing lab, and worker housing. The cabins vary in size according on their intended use.

EPACK Prefab is one of the major portable cabin manufacturers and supplier in India. There are numerous varieties of this adaptable cabin to pick from. To produce a sturdy structure, we employ the highest-grade building materials. Site office, container houses, pantry, double-story building, false ceiling, reception, restroom, rooftop, washroom, sample flats, staff colony and school, security cabins, portable toilets, portable washrooms, etc. are some of the most common uses for porta cabins.

Now, let’s examine three significant advantages of porta cabins that have contributed to their popularity:

Design/construction versatility — As mentioned previously, porta cabins are versatile in their design and construction. From classrooms to laboratories to restrooms, your porta cabin can be transformed into whatever you require. During the requirements phase, usage is analysed and the corresponding design is created. The interior and exterior are similarly designed. As needed, Porta cabins can be stacked on top of one another, placed side by side, or used individually.

Portability – As implied by the name, porta cabins are mobile. They are constructed from lightweight yet durable materials, making them portable. Transporting porta cabins from one site to another requires only a truck of medium size. In addition, porta cabins typically do not require a foundation in standard construction. They can be arranged on a flat surface in a small area.

Economical – EPACK Prefab’s porta cabins / portable office cabins or containers are economical. We create them in our own manufacturing facility. Off-site construction enables buildings to be built far more quickly than traditional construction, in which weather conditions and labour availability play a significant part in deliverability. This assists in controlling expenditures and minimising excessive overhead expenses.

The walls and roofs of porta cabins are covered with factory-made, insulated sandwich panels. The insulation capabilities of the core material in these panels prevent heat from penetrating the room, keeping it cool and cosy. Therefore, depending on the area, artificial cooling options such as air conditioners and air/water coolers are optional. Consequently, insulation is also advantageous because it significantly reduces the electricity expenditures typically incurred by site offices.

We manufacture and develop portable cabins for a variety of businesses at EPACK Prefab. We have expert teams that will procure requirements and design/deliver your porta cabin according on your demands.