Peb Construction

The construction industry has evolved leaps and bounds over last few decades. Savings in construction time and money has led to immense popularity of pre engineered metal buildings with steel frame construction. PEBs consist of parts that are manufactured in a controlled environment within the factory, then assembled at the construction site. PEBs are modular in design which allows ease of expansion. Manufacturing can be done on project-by-project basis, with these buildings which can be dismantled and reassembled back as per requirements.

Below are five things that confirm the popularity and increased use in the future of prefabricated metal buildings.

1. Less cost incurred overall

As compared to conventional buildings, Pre engineered buildings are more cost effective in the long run. They require less maintenance and are far more durable. They have better insulation properties and the capability to resist damage from fire and extreme weather conditions. Consequently, these buildings do not drill a hole in your pocket when it comes to insurance. These buildings are mold resistant so they hardly ever get affected with pest.

2. Fast and easy to design and construct

Pre engineered metal buildings have a defined process for design and construction. Therefore, resources required are lesser as compared to conventional buildings. They are easily customizable, being modular in design, thus making them a preferred choice for large open facilities like warehouse, aircraft hangers, etc. PEBS are new generation metal buildings which are also aesthetically appealing in its design. The flexibility of these buildings allow businesses to expand its operations without much hassle. Office spaces can be modified with PEBs in no time as compared to traditional construction, with more energy efficiency.

3. Reduced construction time

One of the unbeatable benefits of pre engineered buildings is that they can be constructed with immense speed without any compromise to quality. Once the building components are ready, the building kit is delivered at the client location for assembling, within a few weeks. With brick and mortar construction, it takes months or even years to achieve the same results. These buildings are high on strength and steel being recyclable makes it energy efficient.

4. Durable and Long Lasting:

Steel, although lightweight is strong and lasts for many years. Thus, pre engineered steel buildings require minimum or no maintenance over the years. These buildings are easy and quick to repair and structural changes can be done pretty quick. Walls can be added or removed as per requirement of the client, with no major alteration to the structure of the building, which is unlike anything in traditional brick and mortar construction. Also, steel being inherently strong does not crack split or break and is termite resistant.

5.  Energy efficiency

Pre engineered metal buildings are energy efficient, being made of steel which is highly recyclable. The insulation properties of these buildings help maintain optimal temperature during summers, reducing the need of artificial cooling through air conditioners, thus saving energy and cost.

Looking at these features and benefits of pre engineered buildings, it would not be incorrect to infer that these buildings are long-lasting, customizable, energy efficient and most importantly fast and easy to construct. It is a technology widely popular in Europe, USA and Australia, but still at a budding stage in India. With more and more people becoming aware of the benefits of PEB, the future is surely set to pave inroads for these buildings to be a part of mainstream construction.