Prefab Home

Modular homes, which are also known as prefabricated homes, are built in factory environment and made of separate module sections, which are then assembled and erected at the construction site. In comparison to brick and mortar construction, modular buildings can be erected within a few months. However, this has led to forming several misconceptions over decades. Some of the biggest misconceptions are addressed in this blog post.

1. Modular homes being cheaper are of lower quality

The erstwhile prefabricated homes around 1960s were known for their poor quality, which is however, not the case anymore. Consequently, a misconception that prefabrication means poor quality was created. However, prefabrication technology is not the same and has grown by leaps and bounds, ever since. Building regulations have come into effect and materials have improved as well. One way to overcome this major misconception is to show people the actual product to display in person.

2. Modular homes are aesthetically unattractive

The name modular mistakenly connotes blocks of structures that are unattractive. There are several measures being undertaken by industry experts to do away with this misconception. Through prefabrication, aesthetically appealing structures can be created.

3. Modular homes are not built to last long

This is nothing but a myth which has spread only because there has not been enough proliferation of prefabricated construction in India. Modular prefabricated buildings, on the contrary are sustainable. They are constructed in the factory, under controlled environment, which leads to greater structural and constructional precision. Modular homes are testes for mechanical, electrical and plumbing to ensure sustainability and functionality.

4. Modular homes can save the housing crisis

This is true to a certain extent as modular houses alone cannot solve the country’s housing problem. It depends on many other factors like clearance, approvals, availability of land and permissions. The government has started adopting prefabricated technology with construction of airports under the UDAN scheme, so this technology likely to proliferate in the construction industry.

To sum it up, there are many misconceptions relating to modular homes. Prefabrication is a technology which is more popular in USA and Europe. The proliferation is now happening in India. Still new to people, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding prefabricated construction. It is but a technology which has a promising future.