Modular Site Offices

EPACK Prefab has more than 24 years of experience in manufacturing. We plan, design and build prefabricated site office cabins for industrial, commercial, residential and infrastructure sectors. The structures could be temporary or permanent, as desired by the client. However, no compromise is made when it comes to quality. Our products are known for lasting long and are tastefully designed in keeping up with times. Construction companies move their workforce from one project to another upon completion. In most situations, it is not feasible to have a permanent structure due to cost and time factors. There is where prefabricated structures take precedence over traditional construction. 

We manufacture prefabricated office cabins of various sizes. While there are innumerable advantages, some of the notable ones are as below:

  1. Prefab office buildings can be completed real fast. 
  2. The quality of materials used make them long lasting
  3. Modular structures makes it easy to expand. 
  4. Steel, which is the primary structure is recyclable, and therefore, eco-friendly. 
  5. In-factory manufacturing accounts for quality standards at every step. 
  6. Easy to dismantle and re-erect, unlike traditional construction. 
  7. Off-site prefab construction ensures quality and cost savings, both of which are prime factors for site offices. 

Prefabricated office structures that are elegant and long lasting

Prefab site offices are lightweight structures with structural strength for lasting long. The wall claddings have insulated sandwich panels that have thermal insulation, thereby helping to maintain room temperatures. Similar panels are used on the roof as well. The primary structure is made from non-corrosive steel which is made into H-sections or I-sections in factory conditions, which are bolted together at the site. The design offers flexibility, which means it can be easily disassembled and shipped to another location for reuse.  

Modular office structures can be made in noticeably short spans of time. Portability ensures easy transfer to another facility once usage expires. Production in factory conditions also minimises construction waste and the subsequent pollution that arises from it. 

At EPACK Prefab, we have full in house capability to design and execute prefab office building construction. Post designing, the products roll out from our own manufacturing facility. There are rigorous quality checks done on every piece of product, under guidelines and supervision of quality engineers. Our delivery network is spread across India and we serve in majority of the tier 2, tier 3 and tier 4 locations, apart from metros.