Pre Engineered Building

With passage of time, people are becoming more and more conscious of energy efficiency. The construction industry is no different. The government is taking up initiatives to promote energy efficiency in construction. Pre engineered metal buildings provide energy efficiency that is incomparable to any other building material. It is also cost effective solution, providing higher rate of return in the long run.

Let’s take a look at energy efficient properties of metal buildings.

1. Metal buildings reflect solar energy

Roofs built with metallic structures reflect heat and solar energy, while at the same time retaining heat in winter. During summer, the heat is deflected by metal roof. This leads to significant savings in electricity bills as requirement for air conditioning is minimal. Steel or metal buildings consume up to one-third of energy and approximately two-thirds of electricity that is generated.

2. Metal buildings are insulated

Metal buildings have high insulation properties. The usage of fiberglass and rigid boards helps reduce energy costs. Buildings owners can utilize these properties to maximize energy efficiency and other capabilities of a metal building.

3. Longevity leads to energy efficiency

Metal buildings promote environmental efficiency by their inherent built properties.  The materials used in construction of a metal building are mostly recyclable. This itself promotes energy efficiency. Among all the metals, steel is the most recycled one that is available in abundance. When metals are towards the end of their shelf life, they can be recycled completely to be used in some other areas like automobiles or other applications. Thus, metal buildings have an inherent property to be energy efficiency.

4. Good for tropics regions 

For places with tropical weather, metal buildings are recommendable. In a traditional brick and mortar building, additional cooling costs can lead to exorbitant electricity bills. Metal buildings with their insulating properties are different. In general, metal also deflects heat from sun ways. This in turn keeps the interiors cool and requirement for air conditioning is minimal. Thus, in summers, metal buildings also help promote energy efficiency.

Building owners and contractors are increasingly adopting prefabricated metal buildings for construction. It is becoming gradually popular in majority of the sectors from commercial establishments, residential buildings, industrial applications and so on.