Prefabricated Building

In prefabricated construction, a variety of components of a structure are assembled in a manufacturing site. These sub-assemblies are then transported to the construction location wherein the installation is to be done. It is a myth that prefabricated construction is low-end and suited only for mass production. Contrary to this popular belief, prefabricated construction is becoming increasingly popular and available in different budgets. Below are some of the notable benefits of prefabricated construction.

Prefabricated construction is Eco-Friendly

Modular construction is the answer to affordable and energy efficient construction. In brick and mortar construction, there is a lot of waste material that is left behind. However, in prefabricated construction, it is manufactured in a controlled environment within the factory. Whatever waste is left behind, can be recycled. This makes prefabricated construction significantly eco-friendly as opposed to traditional construction. Moreover, being manufactured in a controlled environment, the construction is more accurate with tighter joints and improved air filtration, thereby making the walls more thermally insulated and energy efficient.

Flexibility in design

Modular construction offers tremendous benefits in terms of design flexibility. They can be dismantled and relocated to another site with ease and erected again. The design of structure allows for several design options. Prefabricated construction units can be utilised anywhere so the generic design can blend well with almost all structures.

Lower Site Disruption

As majority of the components are manufacturing in factories, there is less traffic at the construction site, thereby resulting in lesser pollution. Thus, as compared to traditional construction, there is lesser pollution at site. Also, being factory manufactured, it offers more efficient environment which leads to reduced construction time and delays.

Cost effective

Being cost effective is another notable attribute that drives the increase in popularity of prefabricated construction. Modular construction caters to different budgets and price points, though perceptually custom-built components might seem expensive. Additionally, the reduction in construction time can significantly save on construction financing costs.

Relatively much safer

Being factory manufactured and with dry materials, the controlled environment is much lower at risk of facing problems due to moisture, weather changes and dirt. Thus, workers and other people associated with manufacturing and installation are at lower risk of falling ill due to climatic changes. Also, factories being indoor construction environment, the risks of accidents and hazards are lesser. Organisations adopt safety measures to prevent on-the-job injury.


The rising popularity of prefabricated construction are thus due to multiple factors. This mode of construction therefore has tremendous growth potential. In the years to come, more and more people are likely to adopt prefabricated construction over traditional ones. Although, there are some myth surrounding prefabrication as it is still at a nascent stage in India, the knowledge of prefabrication prevails. Attributes like lesser construction time, energy efficiency and quality are attracting people to go for prefabrication like never before. To sum it up, the popularity of prefabrication has tremendous growth potential in India.

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