Peb School Building

Ever since their emergence, prefab structures have proved their usability over and again and also the fact that why they going be the most preferred option in the future. They have established themselves as a greener, cleaner, environment-friendly, flexible and a better choice in terms of buildings.

The concept of modular prefab structures and prefab building is still in its early days and the people are confused regarding their credibility and robustness. The new home and office makers are still in a dilemma because as mentioned above the concept of modular prefab building is still unheard. They often look for the cheapest and the most robust ideas and especially the business owners. The concept of modular prefab schools is also in its early days and a relatively new option for those looking for such kind of institutions. Because of this, they are caught in a tussle between the decisions of whether or not to go with these modular prefab schools. Some decide to go with them, while some continue to look for a sample flat structure and opting for them in the end. There are a number of myths prevailing in the market regarding these structures. For the buyers, it is important to go deeper, research about them and clear the confusion they have in their minds. Here are some of the most common myths regarding modular prefab schools and other similar structures.


They are temporary structures

This is the biggest myth and the reason behind not many people showing interest towards them. However, the fact is that in terms of robustness, they are nothing less than a structure made of concrete, cement and steel. They can be a good option for multi-storey building and if maintained according to specifications, they can continue to serve for many many decades.


They are not that good in quality

This is another very frequently heard myth related to modular prefab schools and structures.

The fact is that they are made in accordance with universally prevailing IBC standards. While their construction, a team of highly-qualified engineers keep track of daily work and also about quality assurance. They make sure that everything about these structures are perfect. The task of pre-fabrication is finished under the supervision of construction engineers and highly experienced construction builders. They aim to maintain both longevity and quality.


They are not aesthetic

The fact in this regards is that they look really appealing and versatile just like our generally constructed buildings. The architects and engineers engaged in their manufacturing take care of this aspect in a special manner and ensure that no matter how; they have to maintain their grandness, looks and beauty.


Their sustainability is always under the scanner

This is also a complete myth because these structures are made using the same construction material as used in a conventional construction process. This assures that the strength of these structures is almost the same or even better. Even better, because they offer friendliness and immediate setting up. Additionally, since they are constructed at remote locations, the actual area does not have to lift the burden of debris and wastage.