Insulated PUF Panels

In this rapid paced globe of innovation, every person requires brand-new and also cutting-edge remedy to their troubles. That is just how prefabrication as a construction technology emerged. PUF panels or polyurethane panels, as they are called, is a light-weight and also power efficient product that is commonly made use of for wall as well as roofing system claddings in prefab buildings.

PUF panels are made in continual line in a manufacturing facility, complying with which they are delivered to the building site for installment. 

These are high quality panels which are light-weight but durable. Additionally, they have significant insulation homes, which help maintain insides great.

PUF panels are typically made of a core protecting layer of PUR as well as foam which is sandwiched in between 2 layers of pre repainted galvanized iron sheets. This is PUF panel in its most standard form. Relying on the need, the panel surface can additionally contain aluminium, cement board or a mix of these.

The panels are collaborated with a tongue as well as groove system. So they are a fantastic different to brick wall or roof as well as aid finish your structure much faster than typical building and construction.

PUF panels are primarily made use of in industrial built frameworks like storage facility, factory structures. However, their application is not limited to commercial building and construction. They can likewise be utilized in any type of kind of business or institutional structure like airplane hangars, office buildings, big department stores, and so on.

Noteworthy Benefits of PUF Panels

  • PUF Panels are long lasting.
  • They are lightweight and come with everything one needs to be a worthy alternative to brick and mortar walls. 
  • PUF panels have versatile applications
  • They come with high insulation properties, which leads to low energy consumption and retain room temperature
  • PUF panels are modular, so expansion of structures made with these is easy
  • These panels are lightweight and portable. It is easy to disassemble and carry them in a truck. 
  • Being lightweight, the transportation cost is significantly lower. 
  • They offer a variety of design and colour options to choose from

Applications of PUF Panels

Application of PUF panels are diverse. Some of the commonly found ones are:Portable Site offices

  • Prefabricated office buildings
  • Industrial and commercial buildings – Warehouse, factory buildings, malls, 
  • Cold Storage rooms & Cleanroom panels
  • Portable site offices

EPACK Prefab is one of the largest manufacturers of PUF panels in India. We have our own manufacturing unit with continuous sandwich panel like and foaming mechanisms for manufacturing of PUF panels. If you have a requirement, please feel free to contact us for a free quote.