Double Insulated Roof Panel Picture

Standing Seam Roofing System – Functional and Versatile Solutions for your Pre Engineered Building

Standing seam roofing system is a hidden fixed roofing system which features upright ribs with a level area or frying pan in between. The side edges of one roofing system panel are zipped or seamed along the length with the adjacent roofing panels.

The roof covering panels are attached to the purlins or second members with particularly created clips or clamps. The concealed fix system needs no piercing bolts and aids supply weather rigidity and superior resistance to wind uplift.

What are the benefits of Standing Seam Roofing system?

Concealed set roofing system

Standing seam roof comes with concealed fix system which needs no puncturing fasteners as well as helps supply weather condition tightness as well as exceptional resistance to wind uplift. Without any exposed fasteners, the straight lines of your roofing system remain clean and also smooth.
Permits Thermal development and contraction
This system is fixed over specially layout clips such that it allows for lateral of roof covering motion which results from the thermal result

Design adaptability

Standing joint roof systems offered in conical as well as bent sheets to fulfil one of the most tough layout criteria. Suitable for roofings with reduced inclines.

On-Site Roll-Forming

Standing joint roofing systems can be made on site using mobile roll-forming modern technology, which not only offers solitary size from the ridge of the roofing to the eave, but likewise assists to make it a leak-proof framework with better control over high quality installation.

Sleek, consistent, & contemporary style

Standing joint roofing system is suitable for building applications due to its contemporary and also clean appearance. Along with the streamlined, straight lines used by this roof system, the roofing can be available in practically any shade, including custom-made colors, to match any structure. High style flexibility with multiple profile forms makes it an architecturally exceptional roof covering account

Long lasting

Metal roofings are already a long lasting and low upkeep roof solution, particularly when contrasted to other roofing kinds. Because standing seam roof covering includes hidden fix system which calls for no puncturing bolts, there are no circumstances of destructive or helping to loosen of fasteners or the roof covering surface. 

Standing joint roofing system’s design adaptability, weather rigidity as well as adaptability makes it an outstanding selection for architecturally exceptional buildings for commercial, commercial and infrastructural applications.