Epack Sandwich Panel

Sandwich panels are composite elements that are vital to all prefabricated structures. These are sometimes referred to as sandwich structure composites, sandwich structures, or insulated sandwich panels. The term “sandwich” is derived from the fact that the core insulating layer is placed between two metal sheets. The core layer provides structural support for the outer layers, resulting in a very tensile composite block. In addition to their insulating properties and structural durability, sandwich panels are widely used due to their inexpensive price.

Consider the following advantages if you are uncertain as to whether sandwich panels are the right solution for you.

1. Thermodynamic Insulation

It is well known that sandwich panels have exceptional insulating properties. The distinction between thermal conductivity and thermal insulation is dependent on the type and thickness of the material.

Due to their insulating properties, sandwich panels are commonly used in the construction of buildings. They help maintain the temperature of the space by radiating excess heat from the exterior. This minimises the cost of air conditioning in conventional buildings. In addition, sandwich panels reduce the possibility of mould growth and excess moisture due to heat movement and condensation. The thickness of the panels is dictated by thermal and load requirements, the local climate, and the construction type.

2. Fire resistant capabilities

Certain sandwich panels insulated with mineral wool retard the spread of fire. This is especially critical if you need a fireproof structure. By utilising fire-resistant sandwich panels, building constructors and architects are able to provide higher security for both employees and merchandise. To determine the viability of installing fire resistant panels, however, characteristics such as the building’s area and height must be determined beforehand.

3. Noise Absorption

The acoustic insulation provided by sandwich panels is helpful in areas with a high noise level. Certain panels offer exceptional sound-resistance characteristics that can keep your home free of unwanted sounds from automobiles and people.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Since their core material is less expensive than composite reinforcing, insulated sandwich panels are very economical. Additionally, sandwich panels are inherently durable, making them recyclable. They are cost-effective since they have a lengthy lifespan.

5. Increased Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Sandwich-insulated panels provide a higher strength-to-weight ratio than conventional laminates. Therefore, despite their small weight, they can support substantial weights. This is a considerable advantage since it would necessitate the purchase of less resources to achieve the specified capacity. Furthermore, it may cut shipping costs.

EPACK Prefab is a respected manufacturer of PUF, EPS, Rockwool, and glasswool sandwich panels with over 24 years of experience. We operate our own manufacturing facility. Prior to delivery, the production process is supervised by a group of quality engineers adhering to predetermined standards.