Factory Building Epack Prefab

In India, industrial sector is one of the early adopters of the prefabricated construction technology. Factory buildings and warehouses done with prefab technology have proven to be of enormous benefits to business holders. Compared to traditional buildings, prefab structures are versatile. They can be expanded and re-built quite easily, which is a unthinkable in conventional construction. Below are three reasons why prefab technology has garnered huge popularity as a construction technology for industrial needs:

  • Worker’s safety from health issues

In factory conditions, there are strict rules laid down for labours which they have to adhere to. This ensures that workers do not have to face harsh weather conditions while construction workers at the site normally have to go through. So, the risks arising from health-related issues are reduced, since factory environment is controlled. Thus, in comparison to conventional construction, prefab construction environment is safer for workers. 

  • Prefab construction is a streamlined approach

Hindrances at the construction site is manifold. There is pollution, noise from construction and heavy machinery, accumulation of waste materials and issues so on and so for which cause a lot of hindrance. In comparison to that, a factory environment is controlled, and hindrances are far less. In prefab construction materials are manufactured in factories and then shipped to construction site for installation, thereby doing away with lot of disturbances, confusion, pollution and other factors that conventional construction bring along. 

  • Lesser construction time

Prefabricated construction entails that each assembly unit is prepared simultaneously in multiple locations and is not deterred by changing weather conditions, workers delay, on-site factors, etc. This is because of components are pre engineered and a drawing is prepared before manufacturing begins. This ensures that multiple components are manufactured simultaneously and to precision, cancelling out chances of error, which in turn saves time. Also, due to this factor, companies can work on multiple projects at the same time, instead of having to wait for one project to finish to be able to move to the next. This helps companies to grow business faster as well.

Apart from offering several benefits as above, prefab construction is also environmentally efficient. Since majority of the construction happens in controlled environment, there is minimal waste is produced, which does not pollution the environment either.  Also, improvements in quality of a factory building construction means that you are building a structure that is futuristic.