Sandwich Panels

Sandwich wall claddings are made of three layers: a dense insulating layer in the middle and two metal sheets on the outside. The layer on the inside is the one with the best insulation. It could be polyurethane, mineral wool, EPS, or something else. The inner layer is held up by two sheets of galvanised iron that have already been painted. To keep the three layers together, special glues and foaming methods are used.

In a prefabricated building, insulated sandwich panels are often used to cover the walls and roof. Sandwich panels can be used in any type of building, whether it’s an industrial, commercial, institutional, or other building. But why would you want to use these panels? Let’s take a look at it:

  1. It’s light, so it’s easy to move and put together.

A sandwich panel is lightweight, albeit being sturdy. This helps save a lot of weight without affecting how strong the building is. The insulation around the inner core also helps keep the room at a good temperature.

  1. Easy to set up

Sandwich panels have tongue and groove systems for putting them together. And because they are so light, they are easy to load and unload on a truck. It doesn’t take a lot of time. So installation can happen quickly with just a few people.

  1. Good insulation against heat loss

Mineral wool, also called rockwool, is a type of insulation that can keep heat and sound out. Polyurethane panels can also keep heat out. Sandwich panels are the most popular choice because they help keep the room at a steady temperature and don’t let too much heat come in. This keeps the office warm and cosy, and you won’t have to pay high electricity bills.

  1. It doesn’t catch fire easily and keeps out noise well.

People know that rockwool insulation can keep a fire from spreading. It can stop a fire from getting bigger than a certain area. Damage from fires can cost crores of rupees and cause deaths as well. So making a building fireproof is very important.

  1. Sound Insulation

Another important thing is sound insulation, especially if your office and factory are next to each other. Noise can make it hard to have a conversation or concentrate at work, which is something that is often overlooked.

At EPACK Prefab, we have a place where sandwich panels are made. The manufacturing process follows a set of rules and is checked for quality by people who have been trained to do so. With 24 years of experience, we make insulated sandwich panels and ship them to all of India’s major cities, towns, and even remote places. If you need something, feel free to get in touch with us.