EPACK’s Proven Prefab Technology

Nikhil Bothra, Director, EPACK Group, discusses the benefits of prefab construction, the challenges of putting up a prefab plant, and the major projects completed successfully by the company.

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MSG Architecture
MGS Architecture

EPACK: Scripting a Success Story

The heightened demand for specialized retail and industrial warehouses is compelling companies to embrace prefabricated structures, observes Sanjay Singhania, Managing Director, EPACK Group.

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World Water Day 2024
Financial Express

World Water Day 2024: Alternative methods to conserve water

Water is one of the most precious natural resources in the world. Yet, the world is moving towards an inevitable water crisis in many geographies globally. As governments seek to conserve water, the focus is on determining the water usage of diverse industries to discover how and where water consumption can be minimised.

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Outlook Planet

Unveiling The Ecological Benefits Of Prefabricated Construction

In the midst of escalating environmental challenges associated with traditional construction methods, exacerbated by repetitive construction bans around Delhi, NCR, due to severe air quality concerns, the need for a sustainable shift in building practises becomes increasingly apparent.

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