Pre Engineered Building Epack Prefab

An elevated and increased rate of adoption for pre-engineered buildings is a global phenomenon and the wide scale advantages posed by these innovative structures results in an undeniable usability for the same across commercial, residential, industrial as well as agricultural applications.

PEB development results from a design-forward construction approach and combining the in-house expertise in EPACK Prefab with a smart automation technology integration, a wide array of undeniable technology features is guaranteed.

Framing building structures with steel metal proves to be a superlative choice to achieve better rigidity, stability as well as material reduction. As the world’s most recycled material, steel when used for construction results in unrivaled sustainability benefits as well. As a true standard of measure in terms of unparalleled performance and durability, steel structure PEB solutions remain unsurpassed in their wide range of features.

Common myths associated with Pore-Engineered Buildings

Despite an increasing use of Pre-Engineered Buildings across all facets of the construction industry, there occur quite a number of myths surrounding these alternative construction solutions.

In spite of the myriad advantages to gain from PEB structures, some common misconceptions regarding the execution, development, safety as well as durability of these structures remain and some of these have been stated hereunder –

PEB Myth 1:

PEB structures are not safe or strong
The factory standardized approach for development of PEB buildings results in a misconception regarding their safety or strength. Confused with other mass-produced industrial offerings, there occur myths that PEB structures are unstable or structurally frail.

The PEB structural components are developed from high-grade steel metal frames and suffice strict quality and performance standards as a testament to their strength.

PEB Myth 2:

Pre-Engineered Buildings structures lack longevity
As opposed to conventional brick and mortar or concrete structures, Pre-Engineered Buildings are designed to last longer and they can be safe for us in all types of conditions.

PEB Myth 3:

PEB structures lack design and aesthetic features
EPACK Prefab designs its PEB structures with advanced and innovative computer software programs and executes the same with ultimate precision to allow for better aesthetics and overall attractive design layouts.

PEB Myth 4:

Steel metal buildings are costly to avail
PEB construction is an intended cost-effective construction approach and reduces steel metal consumption significantly. An average 40% cost saving benefits can be achieved with pre-engineered buildings as opposed to conventional structures.

PEB Myth 5:

These buildings are very heavy
Following a steel truss framed design with reduced metal usage and smart layouts, a PEB enclosure is able to deliver better safety and durability features while being 25-30% lightweight.

PEB Myth 6:

Installation times are longer for PEB structures
As an intrinsic feature of PEB structures, the entire building can be developed, transported in components from a factory to the actual site and installed swiftly in times 45% less than traditional buildings take to develop.

PEB Myth 7:

PEB structures harm the environment
Pre-engineered buildings take 70% of the construction process indoors and thus prevent environmental harms and site damage. Moreover, these buildings are very efficient to develop and also ensure major energy savings during service.

PEB Myth 8:

These buildings lack ergonomic creativity
Although PEB enclosures are designed with a form following function approach, EPACK develops the same with attractive ergonomic layout choices all of which results in a wide array of functionality scopes.

PEB Myth 9:

All PEB buildings look the same
Intrinsic to the core essence of a PEB enclosure is its durability and structural integrity. Despite being standardized building component assembled structures, PEB enclosures are made available in bespoke client-tailored design, finishing, dimensions, configuration as well as paint choices.

PEB Myth 10:

Pre-engineered buildings cannot resist disasters
A highly rigid structural development makes PEB structures top notch in their safety and resistance against all kinds of loads, physical or chemical impacts and even risks of fire or corrosion. They resist earthquakes or seismic forces of high intensities as well.

EPACK Prefab as the top PEB company in India delivers end-to-end modular off-site construction solutions which favor better speed, safety, strength, affordability and sustainability.